Bobby Hackett's Sextet - When the Saints (2018)

Anonymous, Overstreet, Gray, Warren, Shields, Gershwin, Armstrong, ROSE, Traditional, Ellington, Cannon

Bobby Hackett Sextet

 Late in 1974, when Bobby Hackett – then nearly sixty – forgot a diabetes injection and lapsed into a temporary coma, jazz lovers felt a sense of foreboding. That year, Hackett had undertaken a short British tour, and it was plain that advancing age and chronic diabetes were slowly taking their toll. Towards the end of that tour, Keith Ingham, the brilliant British pianist who accompanied Hackett, found him ‘sometimes almost too weak to play and making, for him, a few uncharacteristic mistakes, although at other times he played superbly.

Once he walked off-stage in mid-concert to inject himself with insulin, murmuring ‘I have to get some blood’, and yet he continued his punishing schedule, leaving London to fly to Montreal and open with Teresa Brewer the same night.
Now, several years after Bobby Hackett’s death, the greying roster of bright young men with horns who illuminated the jazz scene in the Thirties and after continues to diminish, but Hackett’s passing was in many ways a special loss. Besides being a seminal jazz trumpeter who for over thirty years worked with every great jazz figure of his era, Hackett was a generous, lovable man who inspired affection. “The truth is,” he told critic Brian Priestly, “I love everybody – but I like musicians best.” And everyone in turn loved Hackett, from Louis Armstrong – who hired him for his All-Stars to play “them pretty notes” – to Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett – who used him as featured back-up trumpeter – and Dizzy Gillespie, who subbed for him during illnesses.

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Bobby Hackett's Sextet - When the Saints (2018)

Anonymous, Overstreet, Gray, Warren, Shields, Gershwin, Armstrong, ROSE, Traditional, Ellington, Cannon

Bobby Hackett Sextet

Analog Recording Equipment: Nagra-T modified with high end tube playback electronics
Digital Converters: Merging Technologies Horus and Hapi with dCS Vivaldi Clock
Editing Software: Pyramix
Mastering Engineer:
René Laflamme - Transfer from Analog Master Tape to DSD 256
Mastering Room:

2xHD is a record label which uses its proprietary system to pro- cess music masters originally recorded in analog or DSD or other format, to DSD in order to produce a unique listening experience.
The process uses a selection from a pool of high-end audiophile components and connectors. In some cases even using battery power, so as to benefit from the cleanest power source possible. This variable equipment combination custom tailored to each project, creates the most accurate reproduction of the original recording, unveiling informaton previously masked by the use of EQ, transformers, patch bays, extended cable length etc. The selection of components is critical, as many A/D and D/A converters are unable to pierce through these filters that create a ceiling effect to the sound. The 2xHD system preserves the dynamics of the original master and provides an open feeling to the sound.

2xHD was created by producer/studio owner Andre Perry and audiophile sound engineer Rene Laflamme, two dedicated music lovers determined to experience only the warmth and depth of the music without hearing the equipment.

2xHD Mastering by: Rene Laflamme 2xHD Executive Producer: Andre Perry

Recording location: New York City in January 1962 and February 19, 1970
Recording Type & Bit Rate: Analog Tape to DSD256

This album was recorded to Analog tape. It was then transferred to the DSD bit rate indicated above.

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2XHDST1104: Bobby Hackett's Sextet - When the Saints
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Bill Bailey
00:03:54   Select quality & channels above
In a Sentimental Mood
00:04:00   Select quality & channels above
When The Saints Go Marching In
00:03:44   Select quality & channels above
Deed I Do
00:02:34   Select quality & channels above
Struttin' with Some Barbecue
00:02:34   Select quality & channels above
Swing that Music
00:03:46   Select quality & channels above
Funny Face: Funny Face: 'S Wonderful!
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Fidgety Feet
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There Will Never Be Another You (Live)- Iceland - There will never be another you
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A String of Pearls
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There'll Be Some Changes Made
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Sign Off
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